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Bulking / Strength & Size Gains

Half-life: ~ 6-10 hours
Research Dosage: 10 mg daily

Muscle Volume, Strength, Aggression


YK-11 is a steroidal SARM that acts as a myostatin inhibitor. It selectively binds in the bone and muscle tissues, so side effects are limited. There is no way to compare YK-11 to other SARMS as this one acts in a completely different way. It does increase aggression, muscle volume, and most of all, strength gains.


There aren't many studies on YK-11 either. The strength gains from YK-11 are drastic as it increases levels of follistatin in the muscle fibers. It is used to increase muscle mass, muscle volume, and strengthen the bones.


It is important to note that YK-11 may cause temporary testosterone suppression and increase aggression levels in prolonged heavy cycles. An appropriate PCT may be needed.


30 x 10 mg