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Strength Gains / Cutting

Half-life: ~ 48 hours
Research Dosage: 10 mg daily

Strength, Volume, Vascularity, Fat Loss, Recovery, Endurance


TLB-150 is the new and improved version of RAD-140. It does not come from the developers of the latter, however. The name RAD-150 comes from the structural similarity shared between the two. TLB-150 is an “anabolic ester”, meaning it acts as a testosterone-enhancing agent for longer than RAD-140. Indeed, its half-life is around 48 hours, compared to 16-18 for RAD-140. This means the effects of RAD-150 are much more effective overall, as they are bioavailable for longer periods of time.


That's not all, because it is in esterified form, RAD-150 is also much more stable when increasing Testosterone levels than other SARMs such as MK-2866, RAD-140, LGD-4033. By working this way, RAD-150 drastically reduces any risk of behavioral changes like increased aggression and eliminates the risks of male baldness, and gynecomastia. While still very new to the market, TLB-150 (RAD-150) is now contending for the number one spot as the most effective SARM. Many studies are starting to appear on it as well, showing only very promising and exciting things thus far. Mainly, when taken in dosages of 4 mg daily, RAD-150 did not affect lipid metabolism negatively. It also did not lead to increased liver toxicity, but there are still some studies being made to assess just how it does affect liver enzymes. RAD-150 has not been linked to having any effect on the prostate or kidneys either. Just to put things into perspective...

RAD-140 anabolic to androgenic ratio of 80:1.

RAD-150 anabolic to androgenic ratio of ~200:1 (estimated)Subjects who took 4 mg of TLB-150 for 30 days put on an astonishing 6-10 lbs of lean mass. These subjects are not bodybuilders, mind you. You can imagine the results when paired with an actual training program and diet. This is a new compound, as studies still have a way to go. However, the ones coming out make this a very interesting option when looking at the benefits. RAD-150, like RAD-140, still will suppress natural testosterone to the same extent. A PCT may be required.


30 x 10 mg 

TLB-150 (RAD-150)