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Bulking & Cutting / Fat Loss

Half-life: 24 hours
Research Dosage: 15-30 mg daily

Vascularity, Muscle Volume, Fat Loss


Also known as Ostarine and Enobosarm, MK-2866 is one of the oldest and safest SARMS on the market, and is still being researched today as it shows promising results for conditions such as muscle waisting and muscle distrophy.


MK-2866 is perhaps the safest and one of the most effective SARM to build lean muscle mass. It binds in the bone and muscle tissues in the body without affecting the heart, the prostate, or the brain.


There have many conclusive trials with MK-2866. Many bodybuilders and athletes use Ostarine as a way to recomp, or to maintain their muscle mass during off-season.


30 x 25 mg

MK-2866 (Ostarine)